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Grateful Dead Live at Shrine Auditorium on 1976-10-15

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Grateful Dead Live at Shrine Auditorium on 1976-10-15

Topics Live concert

Might As Well, Mama Tried, Row Jimmy, It's All Over Now, Loser, Minglewood Blues, Bertha, Lazy Lightning-> Supplication, Sugaree, Promised Land Eyes Of The World-> The Music Never Stopped, It Must Have Been The Roses, Samson & Delilah, He's Gone-> Drums-> The Other One-> Comes A Time-> Franklin's Tower-> Sugar Magnolia

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Shrine Auditorium
Location Los Angeles, CA

Source Soundboard
Lineage MSR> DATs> CDRs> EAC> SHN
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MSR> DATs> CDRs> EAC> SHN; via D. Sacks; Flaws: Slight digi-static
at beginning of Might as well; Mama Tried Cut at beginning; reel flip at
@ 2:18 in Lazy Lightning; Splice @ 2:00 in Samson


Reviewer: IkeV - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2014
Subject: '76 > '77
Great show, but this SBD seems a little lifeless. Try the AUD recording at I'm finding it a lot more vibrant. Great Row Jimmy and Eyes.
Reviewer: nresq - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 5, 2013
1974-1985 were my years. These 2 LA shows were the Dead's first after their hiatus after the 'Wall of Sound' tours in 1974. The principals remained active during that time. Garcia and Weir toured SoCal repeatedly with JGB and Kingfish, and each released an album ("Reflections" and "Kingfish," respectively). And of course the band found time to put together "Blues for Allah" during that time.

Anyway, the Dead were back and we were ready! On this (second) night, the band played SO HARD in the second set jam that they had nothing left for an encore! The applause was deafening! They raised all of the stage curtains so you could see to the back brick wall across the stage, to try to clue us in that the band really wasn't coming back! Didn't stop us. The audience stayed and applauded for at least 15 minutes with the house lights up.

Just an incredibly organic show that brought everything together. I chased that magic for another 10 years. I found flashes of it (Terrapin on 12/31/78 Winterland closing show comes to mind), but never repeated for an entire show. Spend some time with your eyes closed listening to 'The Other One --> Comes a Time'. Still brings tears to my eyes. Can't believe its been over 35 years...
Reviewer: Augy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 4, 2010
Subject: Highly recommended, thus keeping me on going!
Of course The Shrine has great acoustics. (This was a reserved seat show. But at least during the drums virtually general admission, since for a while even the security could hardly contain themselves and let many dance in the aisles until one augur, had to break up the fun)!
Too bad nowadays, all The Shrine is used primarily for is the Academy Awards. First regarding the acoustics, the next year I saw Santana, Gentle Giant and other great shows here, not to mention the shows Grateful Dead did in '78. Secondly, this place for me represents the dichotomy of luck! Partly how this initially unintentionally, became my second show to go onward and obviously upward in number from here. On the one hand, I feel quite fortunate in terms of what I did see here at the Shrine. (I know your going to think what about the actual show itself? In digressing more than usual knowing truly without reason one should not if with such only rarely go off like this, but hold on please I'll get there I promise! Here indeed are, some general conceptual connections that I know some, maybe not all of you, should at least in part, in ones own ways given ones circumstances, be illustratively seen via mine at this particular show.)
So as I as I was saying above, even though on the other hand I missed the night before this one and worse yet unfortunately, similarly later here in '78, when I also similarly only went to one of the two shows thus missing St. Stephen (being one of three times, each missing it by one show but luckily I recorded them playing it at U.C.L.A. My point here, is I'm sure most of us at sometime could have said something like: "Oops, I should have gone to such and such a show"!
As I said still fortunate anyhow, having attended this one at the Shrine given the tunes they played at this show (including here but not limited to, what would soon here after become three fore-longed rarities! (That is, up until when returned semi-regularly in ~1984 (I'm surprised I don't exactly recall) (at least on the west coast for two) and June 1985 (with interim: 1(?) west and 2(?) east exceptions, for the the third, (see below)). You see I might not even have attended this one either had it not been due to a mix up at my first show changing my mind to attend here. But unlike most every show from this point on, with only a few, did I ever go without prior, mostly due to unintended sudden changes in scheduling on my (but not all) part, (in one case on the band's part) rare exceptions, possession of a ticket or claim on such (meaning not counting will call, of course) out of a ~211 total)!
Fortunate also in the following sense; for this one the face value price was $7.50. However this is one I believe, of only two times at which I ever got scalped! Here I was charged me $20, then still relatively steep, at the age of 17! I think the only other one was when I once bought a counterfeit, (for which I eventually got a real one). Moreover, only once much much later at one of my last bunch in Dec. 1994 after I had already effectively in other words mostly but not entirely quit seeing them thus, initially not even intending to go at first did I ever not actually get in upon following through going. Yet, even in that case given an open door through which we could not pass but still had a direct straight on view of the stage for me at least (thank God) during the rarest of rarities (only once for me elsewhere) namely (Attics of my Life), but that's another story)!
Trying feebly and thus unforgettably so to self-justify his fee the scalper asked me: "Your ticket to nirvana, huh?" To which obviously firstly lacking in choice and then secondly again in time etc. I thus responded by caveat, in forgiveness saying no, but pretty close to it! Which was an inaccurate statement on my part considering concerts not fitting my prior awareness of the real definition of nirvana; being in fact quite far removed in terms of sensory perception!
(Meanwhile being, which was semi-unusually for me at least at the following level, on 4 drops of liquid LSD! Meaning, that sort of thing (i.e. regardless of which particular psychedelic chosen), was to start with intentionally at every 5th (20%) show but feely that was too often then reduced so in the end I estimate totaled at ~15% time out of the ~211 total shows. Again mosty, but not all at lower levels i.e. a lot less frequently than many by their own admition, but not of course all other folks I know of)! Perhaps if not for the L.A.P.D.; (Ex.: ala. Pink Floyd, a year & 1/2 before this at the Sports Arena ~2-400 meters away from The Shrine. I'll never forget the yellow signs all over the entrance lobby: "This is not a haven for Pot smoking!". And the insuing search that followed given, that I had a sugar cube in my breast pocket and I still got through since they were more concerned with marijauna than LSD when they asked me what that was!
Opening the 1st set with the second longest, and one of the most jammin' (note later on when this) versions of "Might As Well" ever! Most all tunes were a at least, average to better than average performance; including my only "Row Jimmy" with Keith and Donna.
The "Comes A Time", (also my only with K & D before until our minds were blown again at the U.C. Berkeley in '85 for its triumphant reemergence), here is indeed long and developed!
I always wondered why more folks are not aware of this one? I was further luckily to quickly get this! (Especially since I was new to collect back then get very close to the master of Dr. Rob Bertrando's amazing recording and as far as I know the board was not, at least not for quite a while, well circulated)? This is only part of the wild stories I have about what surrounds this show. That is, in continuum before this, at my first show (the second of the two with "The Who" in Oakland!), further during this one, and on thorough my next two (the San Bernardino Swing (77-2-26), and The Forum in Inglewood (77-6-4). You're definitely won't regret getting this recording!

San Diego
Reviewer: Darrylizer - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 5, 2008
Subject: Good show
Bertha is a unequivocal train wreck from beginning to almost the end, nobody seems to quite understand what rhythm they're supposed to be playing especially Bill and Mick. It's actually more amusing than anything else. The rest of the show is pretty darn good: nice Row Jimmy, spritely Lazy Lightning (kick ass drumming on that one), great Sugaree. Everything before and after Bertha is high quality and hints at the heights they'd hit in '77. Eyes is especially tasty and Samson kicks some butt.
Reviewer: johnnyzero - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 7, 2008
Subject: my 3rd show
After the who and the dead the previous week in Oakland I heard they were playiong at the Shrine in LA. I hopped on a plane and went to both shows. It was automatic for me, no decision making required. I did not even know that people went on tour. My friend Robert Klien went to the box office before the show and asked the woman behind the glass "can we trade in our balcony seats for floor seats and pay the extra dollar?" She said "no problem, how many seats do you need?" Robert said "six", she said "I hope 8th row is OK that's the best I can do". Things only got better after that. Best (most intense) Other One I ever saw (580 shows). If you don't think this is one the best shows try listening to it on some quality headphones. I would die for a board tape of those 2 nights
Reviewer: patourkid - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 9, 2007
Subject: SHAKE IT!!!
sugaree is ragin!
Reviewer: 3chrds - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 13, 2006
Subject: SUGAREE
yeas, i gots ta yells it from the rooftops. usually, sugaree is a filler. the ending of this one is not. Billy the K. - all da wayyy! (oh yeah, and he will usually bring phil in tow when he is steering the Ship...lookout mama!)
Reviewer: jimkrum - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 19, 2005
Subject: like to but...
I'd like to give this show a 5 star review but I can't. the sound is muddied at times and sluggish. the set list IS wonderful though...
Reviewer: capn doubledose - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 29, 2004
Subject: Have listened to 100+ of these shows and this is hands down one of my favorites
Not sure what it is abt the Shrine that the dead liked so much but they had a long and great history there - maybe it was the moorish influenced architecture and the otherwordlyness of the interior - this is a really hot show!!!

All over now one of the first since '70 lazy lightning>supp really hot sugaree is unbelievable promised land is hottttt.

Set II eyes is incredible into music, sampson, like the drums and you can hear Jerry urging Billy and Mickey to play all night the way he does at the Orpheum shows in July during drums esp 7/18. Other one is hands down my favorite of '76 and one of the better of the 70's. Comes a time is really nice with a good jam into franklins (how come they never did that before or since?) great sugar mag. Last 2 songs are audience but it does not matter thats how good this is. Believe me when I tell you this is worth listening to and I listed to parts of it all over again as soon as I finished.
Reviewer: Honest Injun - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 8, 2004
Subject: Smiling Green buddha
This show is notable to me for the beautiful Music Never Stopped (Jerry floats like a bird over the mountain range created by the band) and because of a story told by a friend who was at the show: During the second set during the jam after He's Gone, the green lights dancing on Jerry's amp formed a smiling Buddha that stayed in that form for a good five minutes. Good ole Grateful magic.
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